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31 Dec 2023
We are currently working intensively on the implementation of a new, expanded daily tasks system...
10 Dec 2023
The server is being updated.
8 Dec 2023
You will be able to receive a gift from Santa Claus every 24 hours from December 12 until the end...
20 Nov 2023
We have updated the time on the server, now the correct location is Germany - Berlin. CET
14 Nov 2023
On Wednesday, 15/11/2023, the server will be temporarily unavailable as we will be uploading...

Update 13.32 19th February 2024, 22:16

We would like to inform you that in the coming days, a server update to version 13.32 is planned.
To take advantage of the new features, players will be required to re-download the game client.
This change will also affect the version for Android phones.

As part of this update, we will implement numerous fixes, addressing many issues
to contribute to a more stable and seamless gaming experience.
Additionally, we will introduce a voluntary donation feature, allowing players to support our project.
Thanks to your generosity, we will be able to continue developing the game, providing new features
and improvements. We sincerely thank you for your dedication and support!

The list of changes will be available on our Discord.

New year 31st December 2023, 19:07

Hello Tibian travelers!

Unfortunately, the work on preparing the server for the update took
us more time than initially anticipated.
We would like to inform you that the update will be deployed after the new year.
Since today is the last day of the current year, we would like to sincerely wish you all the best!
We wish you a joyful and successful New Year.
We hope that the upcoming year will be even better for you than the previous one,
and the new features and improvements on the server will bring you even more joy and satisfaction.

Thank you for your patience and support.

Best regards, The Moleven Team

Christmas event 12th December 2023, 01:14

Welcome to our server for the first Christmas celebration!
We are delighted to have you with us, and we have prepared some attractions for you.

Christmas Tree in Thais Temple
In the Thais temple, a festive tree has appeared,
not only beautifying our city but also restoring your stamina.
Remember to use this magical power once a day!

Meeting with Santa Claus
From December 12th until the end of the year, Santa Claus will be waiting for you in various cities.
Get ready for lots of presents! Each of you can claim a random gift once a day.
It might be something truly legendary, like a magic longsword!

Grynch Clan Goblin Raids
From December 20th to December 28th, cities will be vulnerable to random Grynch Clan Goblin raids.
These crazy goblins will appear randomly every 60-90 minutes, stealing presents and dropping gift bags.
After defeating them, seek out Ruprecht in Vega.
His cottage is located next to Santa Claus's house,
and he will exchange your acquired gift bags for holiday tokens.

Holiday Token Exchange
With holiday tokens in hand, you can exchange them for gift bags with Ruprecht.
And what about those presents?
Well, you can swap them for Tibia Coins, giving you the opportunity for some extra holiday enjoyment.

We hope these additional attractions make your holidays magical and joyful.
Wishing you wonderful adventures on our server and a Merry Christmas!


Best regards, The Moleven Team

Christmas event 8th December 2023, 23:13

Hello Tibian travelers!

We have a surprise for you! From December 12th until the end of the month,
Santa Claus will appear in the Thais temple,
ready to give you a surprise gift. Could it be the legendary magic longsword?
From December 20th to 28th, Tibian cities will be attacked by goblins from the Grynch clan.
Try to recover as many stolen presents as possible and help Santa save the holidays.

Best regards, The Moleven Team

Promo Code 8th December 2023, 19:31

Hello Tibian travelers!

We would like to remind you about an important promotional code
that can be activated until 15th December


Best regards, The Moleven Team